Welcome to Shea Psychological Associates, serving Libertyville, and the greater Lake County, Illinois area. Dr. Shea's practice strives to blend caring service with current scientific knowledge and skill.  Dr. Shea is an experienced licensed clinical psychologist providing confidential, caring, successful interventions and treatments to adults, adolescents, families, schools, businesses, and public safety/security agencies.

Specialty Clinical Certifications  

Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Psychotherapy & Counseling
EMDR Pre-Employment Screening
Hypnosis Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations
Services for Businesses, Schools and Public Safety Agencies

Family-Owned Businesses Consultations

Pre-Employment Screening
Social Skills Development Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations
Reaching Goals Personnel Testing and Development

Executive Coaching & Career Development

Employee Counseling
Work Problems

Workplace Performance
Management Succession Planning

Workplace Bullying
Individual and Family Counseling

Depression, Anxiety, Procrastination Executive Coaching & Career Development
Relationships, Marriage, Divorce Addictions
Family-Owned Businesses/Conflicts Sex/Intimacy

Personality Assessments Personality Disorders
Grief, Loss, Separation, Isolation ADHD Behavior
Post Traumatic Stress/Trauma/Abuse Self-Esteem Issues
Social Skills Development Anger Control
Finding Purpose, Reaching Goals Work Problems and/or Workplace Bullying

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